With the blazing hot Arizona summer of 2020 behind us, fall/winter is in our midst, and once again, we can focus on entertaining friends and family in the backyard. Is your backyard garden looking its best? 

We all want an efficient, expertly-managed backyard garden filled with flowers, plants, and vegetables. But how many of us are as demanding of the aesthetic beauty of our backyards?  

Creating a beautiful backyard is one of the true joys of homeownership. And that joy is experienced right here in Phoenix, AZ. The cooler nights of the fall and winter lend themselves well to fireplace evenings in a beautiful backyard garden, lined with hanging vertical gardens from Flower Street Urban Gardens. 

Creating a desert oasis at this time of year is one of the best things about winters in the desert. The sunshine is bright, the evenings are cool, and the flowers look fantastic at eye level in the FSUG wooden tiers

The team at Flower Street Urban Gardens can help you figure out the right spot to put an eye-popping vertical wall garden.

“We have seen many desert backyards, and know that our customers spend a great deal of time and effort working on a beautiful backyard environment,” says Alex Billingsley, owner of Flower Street Urban Gardens. “We could help you with some ideas about how to make your beautiful flowers look great using our patented vertical gardening system.” 

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How to make a beautiful backyard garden

Your backyard landscape can be the shining outgrowth of your living space. Depending on the setting, your backyard can house an enormous variety of flowers and plants during the November-May season in Arizona. Here’s how to get started.

Draw it Out

Take a good look at your back yard. Sketch it out on paper to plot the dimensions. Even though hanging a vertical garden in your backyard doesn’t take up a lot of physical space on the wall, when used in the right spot, it also helps to cover up blank spaces that might otherwise look barren in your backyard. 

Plan Your Layout

After you sketch out your backyard beautification plan, plan your layout accordingly. Do you need to place a bench somewhere in the backyard near your vertical garden?  Will some fruit trees have to go in in certain spots? Will the sun reach your flowers and plants? Please consult with us or find a local horticulture expert to help you plan a budget. We can help you figure out which winter plants and flowers might look great in your backyard. 

Plant in Your Hanging Garden

Once you decide how you want to beautify your garden, start the planting process. The best time to plant is between now and Thanksgiving. Get those flowers, plants, and vegetables up and growing before any possible late December/January freezing temps come around. 

Remember the Visual Impact

Let your light shine, find the big bloom flowers that can brighten up your backyard with colors. The sunlight will hit these flowers and create visual textures at all times of the day, which can enhance the beauty of your surroundings. 

With our years of experience in transforming backyards into urban gardens, Flower Street Urban Gardens is your local Phoenix provider of gardening beauty for backyard enjoyment. We love backyard gardens (you should see ours!), so we know the pride and joy that a well-planned out beautiful backyard garden can bring.   

If you want vertical hanging gardens in your backyard, click here for our Shop Page to choose the types of tiers you want. If you need help in choosing, don’t hesitate to call us on 602-327-6560. Our customer service team is here to help!