Gardening is increasingly being viewed as a healthy, beneficial activity that can drive physical and mental benefits to your brain and body, as well as even replenishing your emotional state, too. 

When you create a backyard garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables, you are using a wide array of your natural talents to put your garden together. You’ll focus on the physical activity to set up your vertical hanging garden, then you’ll prepare the lifestyle choices of plants, flowers, and vegetables that you’ll want to grow.

From there, you’ll plant the seeds and cultivate the plants in their early growing stages. Once you have full-sized plants and vegetables in late winter into spring, you’ll be able to add healthy components to your daily meals, all grown in the comfort of your backyard garden. 

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Let’s see the kinds of benefits that many gardeners experience when putting together their own gardens. 

Gardening = exercise!

Want to burn calories? Some estimates show that gardening can 300 calories an hour! Those numbers likely are attached to a large ground-level garden. You might not get that much when filling the soil into your vertical hanging garden, but the idea to get some activity is certainly appealing! 

Gardening = healthy eating

When building up your backyard garden, you can fill it with plants and vegetables that give you herbicide-free eating options for you and your family. When you eat a wide variety of vegetables, like cilantro, carrots, tomatoes, and more, you are consuming foods rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. By eating your homegrown vegetables, you’ll gain a higher overall intake of vegetables than non-gardeners. 

Gardening = stimulated senses

Recent studies have found that gardening provides social and mental benefits as well. Researchers determine that gardening awakens the senses, and stimulates a range of positive health-related behaviors. Indeed, gardening has been found so beneficial to therapeutic and rehabilitative care that the American Horticultural Therapy Association wrote: 

“The physical and social qualities of garden participation awaken the senses and stimulate a range of responses that influence interpersonal processes (learning, affirming, expressive experiences) and social relationships that are supportive of positive health-related behaviors and overall health.” 

Gardening = brain activity

Increased brain activity is one of the stimulated senses from gardening. When you work in a backyard garden on a regular basis, you use your brain to plot out the garden’s dimensions, space, and location. You also learn to solve issues with your garden, and it also awakens your sensory awareness. 

Gardening = hand strength

If you’re an outdoorsy guy or gal, you may find that as you get older, your hands and wrists may not be able to tackle the harder jobs you did earlier in life. This is where gardening can benefit. You can keep those hand muscles active in your gardening work, by digging dirt, planting vegetables, snipping leaves, and more. Hand-healthy gardening can be a good asset for older gardeners. 

We’re all about gardening here at Flower Street Urban Gardens. We’d love for you to find out more about how to put these benefits into practice when you buy a vertical wall garden for your winter-spring gardening fun in 2021! Check out our Shop Page to choose the types of a vertical garden for your backyard!