One of the wonderful things about living in Arizona is having the ability to grow beautiful fruit trees, and see them grow their fruits in the early part of the year. In the video below, I share some tips on how to thin your peach tree. The one in the video is a five-gallon tree that was planted a number of years ago.  

Early March is a good time to prune back the tree. Not only is the weather beautiful in AZ during that time, but you can also prune it back because your peach tree is dormant at that time. During that period, you’ll see the fruit is all set on the trees. 

However, if you have a peach tree in your backyard, you might already know that these trees produce far more fruit than the tree is actually equipped to handle. These fruits grow so productively that there can often be many peaches on a branch, and the peaches can often outweigh the branches. So you have to be careful to thin the tree of the fruit, so the branches do not crack, bend or spoil the fruit somehow. 

Watch the full clip to see some of the useful tips when thinning your peach tree for the season. And if you’re ready to start your vertical hanging garden, drop by our shopping page to pick up some items for your wonderful spring garden. 

If you have any questions about how to thin your peach tree after watching the video above, please contact us here at Flower Street Urban Gardens. We will be glad to share our insights and experience with you!