In our new video blog post, Alex from Flower Street Urban Gardens describes the Three Sisters type of gardening as you’re planting your backyard vegetable garden

The ‘three sisters’ style of planting is a traditional form of agriculture once used by Native Americans, who incorporated intercropping strategies to plant beans, corn, and squash together. This is an excellent style of organic vegetable farming. Sometimes called mixed cropping, this describes a method of planting where corn, beans, and squash all benefit the other. By planting in this manner, you can increase the bounty of the crop, while reducing pests and diseases to your plants.

In this clip below, Alex shares how he’s using the ‘three sisters’ method to plant his garden bed. He starts out with green beans, but mentions that you can use any kind of beans; he just happened to plant green beans. Alex explains that when you plant the beans, nitrogen forms from the beans being planted, and helps the root fiber of the other plants in the bed.  

Corn is the second type of plant that Alex moves into his backyard garden bed. He says that the sweet corn will grow very quickly, and helps support the ‘first sister’ bean and will support the bean to grow upon it. Squash or melon is the third sister that goes into the garden. Alex suggests that the squash will create a ground cover to help retain moisture in the garden bed. 

If you’re excited about gardening in your backyard, have a look at this clip from the urban oasis that Alex has built at Flower Street Urban Garden. If you are limited in your backyard gardening, then look into purchasing a vertical hanging wall garden instead. 

Thanks for watching and listening!