Last month, our video blog post highlighted some tips and insights on how to prune and thin a peach tree in your backyard. Now in mid-March, the calendar shows it’s time for spring, so we wanted to share Part 2 of our video below, in which I provide some strategies to help you protect your peach and pear trees, as they ripen to full growth.

Let’s talk about the birds. Your backyard friends, the birds, are keeping a close watch on your peach tree as much as you are. The birds know how delicious these peaches will become. So you need to keep a close watch on your tree as the peaches ripen. 

One strategy that I recommend is to prune and thin your peach tree branches from the top down. If you thin from the top, some of the peaches will become naturally camouflaged in the canopy of the tree. Keep your fruit hanging down. As the birds are likely above those branches, they may not see the peaches from a top-down perspective. 

We also take a look at pear trees in the video. Some of you may know that pear trees like to grow vertically. You’ll notice that I use sticks in the tree to spread out the branches a bit, easing the eventual growth of the branches. The tree in the video is a Waddell pear tree, developed in Waddell, AZ’s arid climate.  

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