In today’s blog post, we’ll take you through the steps to successfully install your hanging vertical garden from Flower Street Urban Gardens. 

You can read along here in our directions. We also recommend that you follow along in the video clip below for visual clues you might need. If you’ve already purchased a vertical hanging garden from us, the parts that you have received will include: 

  • the mounting brackets 
  • the number of wooden tiers
  • BPA-free food-grade liners 
  • end caps 
  • All the hardware, including screws and bit for end caps, Drip irrigation kit, and stakes

The only tool you’ll need to set up a hanging garden is a tape measure and a drill driver. 

The brackets must be anchored to something structural such as block or brick; with the anchors provided, you will need a 5/16 masonry drill bit. If your garden is installed on a wood frame structure, it may be necessary to install 2 or more ledger boards. Now let’s get started on installing your vertical hanging garden. 

Step 1- Measuring Out the Brackets

First, find the center of the wall where you’re going to mount the brackets. The center is where you place the first bracket. Now, if you’re installing a 6-ft. unit, then measure 28 inches from that center bracket on each side to hang the other two brackets. If you’re installing a 5-ft. unit, then measure 24 inches from the center bracket. If you have a 4ft garden, there will only be  2 brackets spaced 32” apart. 

For a bolt-on unit, you will do the same measuring as above using the level to ensure all the brackets are level and each bracket is vertical. This also ensures that it is fastened into something structural that will accommodate the weight.

Step 2 – Sliding in the Boards

The first board to be installed is the one with the drainage diverter; slide those boards inside the brackets. These boards stand upright and will allow the garden to drain. 

Take your tape measure and measure the overhang on each side and make sure the sides are even with the 2 outside brackets. 

Step 3 – Placing the Narrow Boards

Next, place the narrow boards in, with the notched side down. There will be one for each tier. These will rest on an angle on the face side of the tier. Stack two wide boards on top of the narrow board. Repeat this step for the remaining tiers. 

Step 4 – Insert the Remaining Boards

At this stage, the only boards that remain will equal the number of tiers you purchased for your kit. If you purchased the 4-tier unit, you would have four boards left. If you purchased the 3-tier unit, you would have three boards left. These will go on the top of the bottom backboards with the drainage sheets. 

Step 5 – Wedge in the End Caps

The next step is to wedge in the end caps. To do this, you will pull up on the face boards while firmly pushing down on the end caps. Now you will install the screw provided. One screw per board, taking caution to screw it into the plywood portion of the end cap.

Step 6 – Install the Liners

There are a front and backside to the liner. The longest side goes to the front. It is easier to slide the liner into the tier without opening it. Open liner to the back. (hot tip) use the plastic stakes from your irrigation kit and clip on to the round bar directly above the liner. Making sure to wedge the liner in between the stake and the backboard.

Fill the liner approximately half full with potting soil and adjust the liner again side to side and front to back. Proceed to fill with potting soil.

Thank you for choosing Flower Street Urban Gardens for your vertical hanging garden. If you have any questions, reach out to us on our Contact page or call 602-327-6560.

Flower Street Urban Gardens believes that gardening can be a practical and beautiful experience for everyone. We make and ship our patented vertical gardening system all across the USA. Love gardening? Try one of our indoor vertical gardens today! Use our Shop Page to choose the types of tiers you want.