While indoor gardening has been around for years, it’s certainly taken off in new interest and popularity in 2020. As the pandemic has forced more people to stay at home, the urge to get our hands off the keypads and into dirt and soil seems to have mushroomed!

At Flower Street Urban Gardens, we love indoor gardening. We want to make the world a more beautiful place, to make gardening easy, to support novice and expert gardeners in growing food or decorative flowers. And we can help you get started!

We’ve seen how people this year are yearning to have more plants and flowers inside their living spaces. Gardens on balconies or porches are sprouting up, along with renewed interest in hydroponic gardens in homes or apartments. It’s definitely a lifestyle trend worth sinking your fingers into!

Getting Started with an Indoor Vertical Garden

If you are thinking about setting up an indoor garden in your home or apartment, we’d love to help you! Our indoor vertical gardens can be set up with a few tiers on the right wall in which to place your plants. Our standard vertical garden kit, is designed to be assembled with the tiers inside the brackets. This provides the frame for the vertical garden, allowing it to be held securely on a wall or fence just outside your door. 

You can set up these easy-to-assemble indoor gardening kits on your own. But if you’re not handy with the hammer and hooks, we can also work with you to arrange for installation, planting, harvesting and irrigation installation – it’s what we do!

Being cooped up all day in your home or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the joy of nature. Bring the green to your home! Indoor gardening with a vertical wall garden can be a wonderful gift for yourself, a friend or relative. You can choose the plants to include in your garden, and enjoy the time watching the plants sprout and grow.  

Our indoor vertical gardens can be used for decorative flowers, or for growing a myriad of fruit-bearing plants. It’s all about what you want to grow and how much you wish to produce.

Make Backyard Gardening Enjoyable & Easier With Us 

Flower Street Urban Gardens is dedicated to urban gardening and community stewardship. At Flower Street Urban Gardens we believe that gardening can be a practical and beautiful experience for everyone. We strive to make gardening simple, elegant, and accessible to anybody and everybody! We manufacture and ship our patented vertical gardening system all across the USA. If you’re looking to grow or interested in gardening for someone, try one of our indoor vertical gardens today! 

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