Home Install & Planting

Although our kits are very easy to assemble we also offer installation and planting services for those who may be less DIY inclined. Our services range from installation, general upkeep, planting, harvesting, and irrigation installation. Certain factors affect certain projects which of course happens on a case-by-case basis. FSUG seeks to offer the level of service that will best suite the requirements of your project.

Application and Sizing

The modular design of our standard vertical garden brings a lot of versatility to its application. The tiers are assembled inside the brackets, this provides the frame for the vertical garden which allows it to be held securely to the wall or fence. The dimensions of the wall or fence will affect the dimensions of the mounting brackets. Standard sizes for the common applications are available without custom fabrication. For questions regarding custom sizes contact an FSUG representative today!

Vertical Farming Systems add beauty to residential landscapes

Many homes have blank walls and fences that enclose their yard. More often then not, they remain blank without a greater design function. FSUG sees wall and fences as an oppurtunity to provide a growing solution for those who wish to vertical farming systems above ground. Taking pre-existing walls and fences and using those surfaces to grow fresh food, textural succulents, and decorative flowers vertically adds beauty and vitality to any landscape design.

Here at Flower Street we want to help you build and grow a vertical garden, if you don’t see a service you’re looking for simply give us a call, we’re here to help.