We’re nearing the end of the year, and it’s been a transitional year for just about everyone. One trend we’ve seen this year among our customers is a return to simpler pursuits during a time of lockdowns and quarantine. That includes gardening as a family activity. 

Through this lockdown year, gardening at home and in our backyards has become for some a fun family activity, and for others, a more enduring way to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

It seems folks are turning to the garden for a number of reasons. 

  1. Gardening at home with your own plants and vegetables can start to lead a person to self-sufficiency. You can grow your own food in your backyard and if there are to be any food shortages in our future, you know that you are moving ahead in the right way. 
  2. Another reason is that gardening at home during this health crisis gives people a sense of nurturing. For many people living alone, gardening in a backyard can provide hours of enjoyment to cure the isolation blues. 
  3. Saving money could be another reason – Instead of spending time in a supermarket to buy fresh herbs and greens, you can have your own steady supply of fresh herbs and green in your own backyard. 
  4. Growing plants and vegetables outside in a hanging vertical garden can also be a great way to get off the laptops or other screens and spend some time in the outdoor environment to ease the isolation and uncertainty.
  5. For parents with kids, gardening can be a fun family activity to show kids how to start a garden, nurture it, maintain the garden, and eventually see the fruits of their labors. 
  6. Gardening at home can also help a person get over feelings of helplessness. Knowing that you have work in the backyard garden to tend to can give some people a sense of purpose and work fulfillment. That’s good for one’s soul and well-being
  7. And as we tend to our garden and eventually consume our own food and vegetables, you may improve your own physical health and wellness. Eating a plate of greens for dinner instead of processed microwave food can do wonders for your complexion, your heart, and your head. 

At Flower Street Urban Gardens, we encourage gardening for all the reasons above! We know that gardening can be a practical and beautiful experience for everyone. Use our Shop Page to choose the types of tiers you want for your own vertical garden!