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In this post, we want to talk about preserving your young new fall-winter plants. If you saw our post from a few weeks ago, we discussed how the temperatures in Arizona went from extremely hot to a swift cool down. In the greater Phoenix metro in mid-November, we are now feeling temperatures under 40 degrees in some spots. That’s chilly for these new plants that we just got planted a few weeks ago when the searing daytime heat finally subsided. 

So as the overnight temperatures inch down toward the freezing mark, you should be aware of some tips to keep your new flowers and vegetables free from frost. 

Protection against Frost 

As the weather starts to turn to frosty cool overnights in Phoenix and the rest of the great southwest, it becomes important to protect your newly planted fall-winter plants and vegetables against near-freezing or freezing temperatures. 

One of the ways to do this is to check for your area. A quick check of the November and December weather conditions for the Desert Southwest area shows both months’ average temperature to be a few degrees colder than average. November is expected to hover at around 54 degrees and December at 46 degrees. The overnight temperatures will be colder. So to best protect your plants against freezing temperatures, here are some simple tips for you. 

  1. If frost conditions are expected in your area, cover your plants. Every evening after the sun has gone down. 
  2. You can use a variety of materials to cover your vertical hanging garden. We usually recommend using a durable bed sheet, a large piece of burlap or light canvas, or some other covering that is not plastic. 
  3. Your local home and gardening outlet should sell frost cloth that can hang from the top of your fence over our patented vertical hanging garden. These frost cloths do allow some sunlight to enter, so you could leave these frost cloths on through a weekend if you choose to travel, for example. 
protect plants from cold FlowerStreetAZ

Hopefully, these small tips can help. We believe that you’ll eventually find the right way to keep your hanging vegetable garden free from overnight frost.  

Our vertical gardening system employs a universal design that makes it easy for people to put your backyard garden at eye and hands level. This makes gardening more enjoyable, and at the same time, saves stress for older folks to tend to a backyard garden without all the stooping down to ground level. 

Our patented vertical-garden planters are made from the highest quality wood and hanging supports. Using your existing walls and fences for your hanging garden also brings a new aesthetic quality to your backyard. 

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