If you’re new to Phoenix, Arizona or other cities and towns around the greater Phoenix metro area, you’re not alone. Our metro area has experienced enormous growth in population, and that could be a boon for the southwest gardening industry.  

Major Population Growth

Over the past decade from 2010-2020, Phoenix added 163,000 more residents. That’s the fastest growth for any major U.S. city. 

About half of those residents came to live here just in 2020 alone, clearly a response to the pandemic. Our capital city grew by 82,000 new residents in 2020, according to real estate figures from Redfin.

Top-Level Gardening

Now that you’re here, it’s time to think about your gardening. The Arizona planting season is somewhat reversed here from other parts of the country. Planting season starts right around now for many plants and vegetables (flowers come a bit later).

Maybe you’ve moved into a new home with open wall areas. Instead of planting a ground-level garden, which means a lot of ground-level work, which is tough on your knees, why not look into a vertical wall garden from Flower Street Urban Gardens? 

Our patent vertical gardening system helps you plant your favorite flowers, plants, and vegetables while adding aesthetically to your walls. It’s the ideal solution for any gardening enthusiasts who might not want all the ground-area gardening work. 

Fall Planting Season

For all the new residents here, let’s talk about fall Arizona planting season. It essentially starts around mid-September (once the summer heat diminishes) and into October. Then, the weather patterns have shifted and it becomes cool enough for the fall/winter flowers and vegetables to be seeded and grow without the summer’s extreme heat. Let’s look at our Arizona planting guide below for a check on what to seed in the coming weeks. 

Arizona Planting Guide Calendar 

Those who live here get to enjoy warm-hot temps in the late spring and summer, but cool to moderate temps in the fall and early spring. As a result, we are able to grow different plants, flowers, and vegetables for a full 6-8 months of the year. 

While many of the other U.S. states between November and April are buried under snow or in the grip of icy cold temperatures, AZ residents generally plant their favorite items in their garden during this time. 

Here are common guidelines for planting times:

  • September – March: time to plant vegetables (lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, etc.) 
  • October – April: Time to plant perennials and annuals 
  • October – March: Time to plant Citrus trees (orange, lemon, lime, etc.) 
  • November: Time to plant flower bulbs

A more detailed planting calendar is seen below, at the bottom of this blog post. 

Here at Flower Street Urban Gardens, we want to help you build and grow a garden for the fall/winter season in the desert. Drop by our Shopping Page and check out our vertical gardens. We can ship a standard size to you, or build you a custom one!

We love to help! Call us at 602-327-6560 with your questions about gardening in the fall or the Arizona planting guide, and ask us about our hanging wall gardens. We are here to help! 

Arizona planting season schedule-Flower Street Urban Gardens


Arizona planting season schedule 2-Flower Street Urban Gardens