Hi, it’s Alex, owner, and creator of Flower Street Urban Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona. In today’s video, I’ll share information about how much garden soil is needed for your vertical garden

Getting the right amount of garden soil into your vertical hanging garden is an important feature for your success. I recommend using high-quality potting soil. 

Our standard 6-foot long garden will require two cubic feet of potting soil per tier or 60 quarts. For the 5-foot long garden, you’ll need 50 quarts per of your high-quality soil. 

Using the 4-foot long garden, you’ll only need 40 quarts of garden soil per tier.

I hope you liked our recent video series on setting up your vertical garden. If you have any questions during the setup and completion of your garden, email us at  info@flowerstreeturbangardens.com and we’ll answer any of your questions. You can also call us at 602-327-6560. 

Happy gardening!



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