In our new video blog post, Alex from Flower Street Urban Gardens shows you how irrigation timers can work in your vertical wall garden to keep your plants moist and growing beautifully. 

Setting up irrigation timers to water your garden, Alex suggests, is really the way to go. All of the Flower Street Urban Gardens come with irrigation for inside the gardens. It consists of a spaghetti line that runs inside the units, and branching off of that through each tier is the drip irrigation that has embedded emitters and built-in filters.  Our patented vertical gardening system enables the water to drain from the upper tier into the lower tiers. The drip irrigation on the top tier is twice as long as the bottom tiers and does a loop to put more water on the top tier.

The drip irrigation for the lower tiers is placed just front of center because you have the drainage water from the back of the tier, this will keep the moisture level balanced. Many of our customers choose to hook this to a battery-operated hose bib timer that is super easy to install and easy to adjust throughout the growing season. 

You also have the option to hook it up to your in-ground sprinkler system. However, we recommend our gardens run on their own zone/valve because they need to be watered more frequently for less time. 

When you put your vertical garden together, Alex suggests watering the garden first by hand 2-3 times to heavily soak the garden and get the roots fully hydrated. Then the drip irrigation system will maintain that moisture level. Then you can turn on the drip irrigation timer for a set schedule. Alex likes to schedule his water drip during the hot Arizona afternoons every seven days. 

Also, if you’re planting succulents, as Alex shows in the clip below, you might want to offer the plants a good amount of shade. Alex keeps his succulents on the north-facing wall, under an overhang, and this keeps these plants free from the hot sun rays. 

We hope you enjoyed learning how the programmable timer works for setting up water irrigation for your vertical wall garden from Flower Street Urban Gardens. Click over to our Shopping page to pick up some items for your wonderful spring garden.