Hi, it’s Alex, owner and creator of Flower Street Urban Gardens in Phoenix. In this video, I share info about installing the irrigation system for your hanging garden

Each of our gardens comes with an irrigation kit for use inside your vertical garden. It consists of some simple materials, like a ¼ inch spaghetti line with a barb connection on it. That connection will let you plug right into ½ inch poly tubing, a common material used in irrigation for your garden. It’s flexible and will hold watertight. Install the spaghetti line that runs inside the garden, behind the liners and in front of the backboards.  

Make sure to cut your irrigation line with a T connection, and run the tube up to the top of your garden. You’ll likely have some excess tubing, so trim it and clamp it with the 90-degree barb connection. This connection is twice as long as the lower levels, to take in more water. 

The irrigation system is a key part of your vertical garden. It uses a measured amount of water for your plants and vegetables. It will keep your garden looking great all year long!

I hope you enjoyed this clip. Stay tuned for more videos in the weeks ahead!

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