In this blog, we’re looking back a few years in another throwback video. About five years ago, we at Flower Street Urban Gardens had a visit from a well-known YouTuber known as Jake Mace, The Vegan Athlete. He had amassed a following of people attracted to his vegan-fitness videos, as well as his pursuits in gardening and eating healthy. 

Watch this video clip to learn more about Jake’s journey. At last check, Jake now lives off-the-grid with his fiance Nicole in British Columbia. You can follow their adventures on the Living Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicole

But back to Jake’s visit with us. It was a warm spring day in 2016, and in the clip below, I welcome Jake and show him around our wonderful Flower Street Urban Gardens home headquarters. 

I described to Jake the concept of our vertical gardens, or “living walls” as we often call it. As Jake noted, we make spaces gardenable that are not gardenable. He loved our gardens, and he loved the garden wall we have on our house. 

I explained to him in the clip about wanting to create a useful hobby that involved gardening for my father who had come to live with us. However, he was unable to bend, so having a background in design I created a vertical garden that my father could work on during his time with us. 

We ended up talking about various herbs and plants that you can grow in your vertical hanging gardens, and how growing your own herbs can enhance your eating needs. I also walk Jake through a quick tutorial on our water irrigation system through the gardens beds, as well as how you can create your own vertical garden. 

Click over to our gallery or our online shop to find the right size and configuration of our vertical garden walls for your backyard space. Or call us at 602-327-6560 to speak to our customer service folks to help you with any questions. 

I hope you enjoy this throwback video with Jake Mace! Have a great week!