Hi, Alex here from Flower Street Urban Gardens. I wanted to share a short video that was made a few years ago about our vertical gardens and how it all got started. 

As I recount in the clip, about a decade ago my father started to live with us, and I wanted to create a useful hobby for him that involved gardening. However, he could not bend or work on his knees for a traditional ground-level garden. So I started to research another type of garden that we could use in a vertical way. 

After some research and more, we created the first vertical garden on my wall (seen in the video) and then put up a few on the walls lining the street outside our property. So many people started to stop by and ask about the hanging vegetable gardens, and where we got them, that it was the impetus for us to start Flower Street Urban Gardens, the place to buy what you need for your own vertical hanging garden

In this video, you’ll see details about the assembly of our vertical gardens, as well as closeups of the integrated irrigation system. You’ll even see how to line up the end caps on the boards in order to fully seal the garden walls. 

There’s also a small section of the video devoted to our work in creating a vertical wall garden at the MATCH Market & Bar, part of the well-known Phoenix, AZ hotel The Found:Re. In the clip, you can see how we put together the placement of the 12 ft. long, 5-level garden outside the deck of the Match Market & Bar. 

I hope you enjoy this throwback video! Have a great week!