Flower Street Urban Gardens is an urban oasis in the middle of Phoenix, AZ, where we build and ship our vertical wall gardens all over the country. A few years ago, we hosted John from Growing Your Greens to do one of his episodes in our garden backyard in Phoenix, AZ. 

John’s channel is one of the most popular YouTube channels for gardening videos, and we were thrilled to have him visit. In the clip below, John shows viewers a great look at our Flower Street Urban Gardens home headquarters, and how our vertical gardens work. He explains how our patented system helps gardeners to grow their hand-picked vegetables and other plants on your walls, a fence, or other vertical space indoors or outdoors. 

Throughout this episode, John’s enthusiasm for our vertical wall gardens is clear, and he delights in showing some of the unique design elements for growing plants and vegetables. He shows the ease of setting up your vertical garden and the endless possibilities you can create with your own plants and vegetables.

In the clip, John interviews Alex, the inventor, and owner of Flower Street Urban Gardens, to learn more about how he started creating hanging vertical wall gardens. That segment starts at 28:47.

You will hear Alex describe that he came up with the concept of a vertical hanging garden because wanted to give his retired disabled dad a hobby in the backyard while he lived with Alex and his family. He didn’t want to make his dad bend over to work in the garden, so Alex used his design background to create a vertical garden that can be placed on a wall or fence in one’s backyard. 

John was thrilled to share our beautiful urban oasis with his viewers, and we were very fortunate to get a chance to share our story. We hope you like it too!

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